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Dog turtleneck


Fiorella Rossi presents an enchanting customizable dog turtleneck, made to measure with the soft 100% Trendy Pinori fabric, to offer your adorable four-legged friend a delightful and fashionable look. Its irresistible softness and charming design make this garment a beloved choice for both owners and their sweet pets.


With the same passion and attention that Fiorella Rossi dedicates to clothing for humans, dog clothes are also created with the specific needs of animals in mind. In fact, delicate and breathable fabrics are used on the skin to ensure maximum comfort and pampering for our furry friends.Like this dog turtleneck.

The Fiorella Rossi turtleneck features pretty ribbed edges and offers the option to further personalize it by adding the name of your loyal friend.

Entirely handmade and finished in Italy, this garment is an example of loving artisan care applied even to the world of pet accessories.

By choosing Fiorella Rossi’s dog turtleneck, you can offer your inseparable companion a high-quality, comfortable, and irresistibly adorable garment that reflects the love and dedication you feel for your pet.

Distinctive Elements:

  • Soft 100% Trendy Pinori Dog turtleneck
  • Shaved workmanship
  • Ribbed edges
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Hand-finished, precious yarn

Customization Options:

• Add your puppy’s name or initials
• Available in 4 colors: beige, fuchsia, blue, and white

Measures to take:

• Consult the size guide
• Indicate the dog’s weight and breed for optimal fit

Additional information


Trendy – Pinori


CM002 White Luna, CM203 Blue Majolica, CM401 Fandango, CM405 Feather


Custom Size


name or initials, No customization


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