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Baby blanket


An original product, a baby blanket made of fine natural fibers. Very particular is its style with perforated hearts border. The fabrics in Cashmere Cariaggi and Merino Zegna Baruffa wool are hypoallergenic.

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Fiorella Rossi is the creator of a type of traditional textile artistry that is known for being exceptionally inventive in her creations. In fact, she excels in the merging of tradition with innovation.
These two elements are blended in a manner that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable. Fiorella Rossi uses fine natural fibers such as Cashmere Cariaggi and Merino Zegna Baruffa wool in her designs.
This baby blanket with perforated hearts border was made entirely of these materials. It’s a 100% Italian product with a lot of personalization options, including color.


  • Baby blanket in 100% Cashmere Cariaggi 2 yarns or in 100% Merino Wool Zegna Baruffa 3 yarns
  • Rhombus pattern
  • Perforated hearts border
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Hand-finished
  • Fine yarns Cashmere Cariaggi / Zegna Baruffa Merino Wool
  • Possibility to personalize the blanket with the name or initials of your child


  • Length: 100 cm – Width: 75 cm

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Cashmere – Cariaggi, Merino Wool – Zegna Baruffa


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