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Italy is simple: we exaggerate with passion on everything we do. In the picture our model Cristina Menghi

Italian Cashmere Club

Our Italian Cashmere Club was created for you, our loyal customers. This is because of you that I am able to pursue my biggest passion.

By joining the Italian Cashmere Club, you agree to the following terms:

– getting exclusive deals that are tailored to you. We attempt to restrict the number of emails we send as much as possible in order to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

– joining in the Membership Ranking (CM) allows you to collect points and obtain an increasing discount, as explained in the FAQs on the homepage;

– understanding that, in order to allow everyone to climb the rankings and obtain better benefits, we will dynamically modify the thresholds for passage through the following categories: 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20%, and we will set the value of the points for purchases, reviews, and registrations obtained after the first few months of activity, so we cannot give more detailed indications, but we will manage this ranking and the assignment of points at our discretion.

– Be aware that the Italian Cashmere Club Card will only be sent upon the first purchase on the platform;