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Who Is Fiorella Rossi

Fiorella Rossi is a bespoke knitwear brand with fine yarns (Cashmere, Merino Wool, Silk) of high Italian quality (Cariaggi, Zegna Baruffa).

It creates made-to-measure clothing only on request to avoid waste and be more sustainable.

The owner is Fiorella Rossi and has been making cashmere knitwear since 1978.

All the finishing touches are done by hand with a great deal of care, they care a lot about quality and her products are highly appreciated.


She was encouraged to go online by all of her customers after 40 years of doing business locally.

Fiorella was so passionate about knitting that she purchased her first knitting machine when she was really young. She bought wool yarn and taught herself to knit by reading countless manuals, experimenting with techniques and stitches, and even studying mathematical and geometric calculations. “When I examined all of her calculations, they looked more like plans for an engineer than notes.” 

Fiorella Rossi set up her own business after five years of gaining experience with knitwear manufacturers and creating amazing garments for famous labels (which cannot be mentioned). She attempted to make quality bespoke knitwear for her discerning and loyal customers who want great workmanship, refined details, and hand finishing that is destined to last.

Daniela, his indefatigable partner, has quickly absorbed his passion, competence, skill, and attention to detail. She is the ‘technical’ component, a knitting machine expert developer.

They make a lovely couple, very kind and amiable, always available to everyone, but most notably, two amazing workers. Fiorella is always at the workshops creating, even when they are closed and sometimes at night, showing her passion for knitwear.

Fiorella Rossi allows customers to personalize color, yarn, style, and every other element.

Along with the passion and willingness to take on new challenges and make continuous improvements, the company continues to expand and thrives.